The American Fertility Services (AFS) Team has learned recently that a well-known Connecticut Fertility Clinic, in practice for over 25 years, has announced their closing on October 31st, 2018.

We are deeply saddened with this announcement. We are especially sorrowful for the many intended parents that are affected by the closure after entrusting the facility to achieve and safe guard their current and/or future fertility dreams.

For those that have been touched in some way by the closure of this Connecticut Fertility Clinic, we understand that this is an extremely stressful moment, leaving you perplexed and apprehensive about your current and/or future fertility options.

We at American Fertility, sympathize with your situation and any resulting frustration, and would like to offer our full support and assist you in any way possible.

Our team of professionals at AFS is here to counsel, guide and assist you in finding the best way forward based upon your specific case.

AFS is here to help you navigate and understand your options in this time of need, we therefore are offering a complementary consultation discuss how we can help keep your journey on track.

American Fertility is located in Greenwich, Connecticut. You may contact at (+1) 203-774-9900 or via email at You may also fill out or our online form (click on the link) and someone will be in touch with you to schedule a phone or a video conference with a member of our team.


Joao De Pinho, MD, BPharm

Medical Director



Come and find out how we can assist you in your family building needs. All initial consultations are complementary.

Fertility Team with proven success, and a well-recognized national and international track record, with the most advanced fertility laboratory and embryology experts.

Joao De Pinho De Pinho

Medical Director & Managing Partner

Founder and the current medical director of American Fertility Services

Our U.S. Team

Experts in the field of reproduction

With more than 15 years of dedicated experience in reproduction, specifically in cycle coordination, and Third-Party reproduction (Donation, Surrogacy)

The level of seasoned professionalism, dedication  is the driving force behind our developing egg donor program and client concierge services.

Our financial director has a unique experience not only in the field of fertility helping navigate couples that need the most cost-effective choices.  

Our International Team

Dedicated Team that understands the needs of our international Intended Parents

An intended parent himself, our International coordinator is widely recognized in the assisting intended parents all around the world. Centrally located in Barcelona.

With a social studies background and being an intended parent himself has developed a wide assistant program from Germany to the scandinavian countries and beyond.

Our Practice Expertise


A combined fertility experience of more then 50 years, our medical team are leaders with a proven success.



We have an in-house donor program and have simplified the choosing process finding a match with a few simple steps.



Simplified comprehensive GC screening. Third-Party designed premium facility. Human & Caring attention to detail.



Initial Third-Party consultation Prelimenary GC records assessment & consultation Two year cryopreservation of sperm and/or embryos


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Using the latest technology to assure your success.


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We offer some of the most affordable and cost-effective programs. We have special programs tailored to your needs.


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