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Cathy Ochs

Director of Financial Services

Cathy Ochs, An Experienced Professional In Finding The Most Cost-Effective Options

Cathy Ochs is the Director of Financial Services at AFS. She works very closely with the Doctors, Clinical and Administrative staff to ensure an extraordinary patient experience at American Fertility Services. She has been working in the field of infertility for over a decade and is an expert at handling questions related to insurance and infertility benefits. She understands the importance of customer service and strives to make everyone’s journey as seamless as possible in this overwhelming world of fertility treatment. Cathy comes to AFS with many years of experience and knowledge in the medical field. She started her career as the front desk supervisor at Candlewood OB/GYNs testing center, and then moved on to become the office manager at the Associated Neurologists Physical Therapy. She then transitioned as a billing specialist, progressed to become the Director of Financial Services there, and joined the family here at American Fertility Services in 2018 also as the Director of Financial Services.

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