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Jeff Lavin

(+1) 646-907-9782

Jeff Levin is a Clinical Social Worker in private practice in New York City. For those considering parenthood, there are many questions to ask and decisions to make. As a relationship therapist, he helps educate intended parents about their options, have conversations, discuss relationship issues, and make important decisions about their path to parenthood. He’s passionate about supporting the LGBTQ parent community, and has facilitated discussions and served on conference panels sharing what he’s seen professionally and as a parent. His work at the LGBT Community Center in New York City focused on creating family building programs, providing resources for intended parents, and helping people move forward toward their dream of having a child. His therapy practice focuses on relationship counseling for individuals and couples. Additional areas of focus are:
- LGBTQ concerns
- LGBTQ Intended Parenthood/Parenthood
- Young Adult issues
- Religious identity concerns

Judith Kottick

(+1) 973-746-7370

Judith Kottick, LCSW, is a recognized expert in the field of reproductive counseling. She developed and directed the psychological services departments at the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Sciences at St. Barnabas Medical Center, at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey and at IVF New Jersey. She is frequently invited to give workshops on general infertility, gamete donation, same sex family building and surrogacy in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state region and throughout the country.

Ms. Kottick is currently a consultant to reproductive medicine programs in the tri-state area and maintains a private practice in Jersey City and Manhattan. She draws upon her postgraduate training as a psychotherapist, in behavioral medicine at the Mind/Body Institute and in Complicated Grief at Columbia University, to provide a personalized approach to helping people cope with the challenges of fertility treatment, pregnancy loss, adoption and parenting. Ms. Kottick has served as a mentor for Resolve and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She is on the Mental Health Advisory Board of Parents via Egg Donation and has written numerous articles for professional organizations, in addition to contributing a chapter to the book, “Frozen Dreams.”

Kelly Stutzman

(+1) 203-695-3737

Kelly Stutzman is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She owns and operates K-Assist LLC. One of the functions of K-Assist LLC is to provide support to individuals seeking to have a child by working with an egg donor and/or surrogate. Kelly has both the clinical background and personal life experience to aid individuals that are trying to conceive via third party reproduction.

In 2005, Kelly became an egg donor for a close family member that had long struggled with infertility. During the shared journey of trying to create a family with her cousin and cousin’s husband, Kelly learned first-hand about the physical and emotional challenges of infertility. Since this time, she has been committed to helping individuals and couples desiring to create a family and supporting all parties involved in third party assisted reproduction.

Services provided by Kelly are psychological assessments of egg donors and gestational carriers/surrogates, surrogacy home visit assessments, surrogate support during pregnancy, and intended parent support during the surrogacy journey.

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