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Gay Parenting


American Fertility Services is able to offer individualized programs to suit everyone’s needs and circumstances. The special considerations of gay future parents are fully reflected in our custom-made programs.

For example

Many gay female intended parents choose the Reciprocal IVF Method, which means that one partner will provide the eggs while the other partner will carry the pregnancy (except if a surrogate is necessary).

For gay male intended parents, often there will two sperm sources (please note this does not imply any extra charges in our programs). Also, parents will sometimes choose not to fertilize all their eggs from their egg donation cycle and may save some of the eggs for the future to be fertilize by a their partner.

Our Programs range from the fully comprehensive plan with Egg Donation and Unlimited transfers with your existing embryos to single transfers with previously created embryos.

We also include the PGS feature by default since we believe this will give you the highest chances and quickest path to success.

Please talk to us about your individual circumstances so that we can customize the best solutions for you.

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