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Are you someone who is creative, intelligent, and charismatic along with being culturally and ethnically diverse?

- if your are, then become someone's star and join our seminar.
- If you are between 20 -29 year old and would like to help a family

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Learn about the steps to become someone's star.
Come and meet with an experienced former egg donor who can provide you with first hand experience and answer all your questions about becoming an egg donor.

Be a part of our hall of fame at AFS.
Learn about the steps for being an egg donor with a donor who has been through the process.

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Egg Donor FAQs

All our egg donors are thoroughly screened psychologically, genetically and medically.

Differently than many other facilities that offer egg donor matching, our donors are already fully screened and ready to start their cycle upon confirmation that they are your ideal match.

Egg donor screening:
The screening process includes: Interview with an psychologist/social worker/our egg donor experts, medical and genetic screening. Also the egg donors from an outside egg donor agency must fulfill those criterias. Before they can be accepted by our physicians, they also have to do the same screening.

- If you bring a friend who would like to be your egg donor, she must be screened as well and has to go through the egg donor screening process. If she passes all those test postively, then you and her can move on.

Please feel free and ask our experts at any time if you would like to have more information regarding our comprehensive egg donor screening process.

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