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Egg Donation Process

The Matching

Matching with your donor involves several steps that at American Fertility Services, we have simplified to improve your experience. They are the following:

Please visit our in-house egg donor pool data. There you can define certain criterias like: educational background, hair and eye color and many more unique features.

If you do not find any egg donor which fulfills your personal wishes, then you might contact an egg donor agency. American Fertility Services is very proud to work with many different reputable egg donor agencies. This dedicated agency will help match the best suitable candidate according to your desires.

Some of our intended parents have a friend who would like to be their egg donor. In this case it's very important to let us know in an early stages of your journey so that our physicians can review her medical status and determine if she is a good candidate to donate eggs.

Please feel free and visit also our section: Choosing an egg donor.

The Screening

Differently than many other facilities that offer egg donor matching, our donors are already thoroughly screened before being placed into the donor database and ready to start their cycle upon confirmation that they are your ideal match. Egg donor screening:

The screening process includes: Interview with an psychologist/social worker/our egg donor experts, medical and genetic screening.

Egg donors from an outside egg donor agency or a donor candidate who you know and would like to donate for you must fulfill the same screening criterias as our in house donors before they can be accepted by our physicians. If she meets all the specific screening criteria set by our AFS physicians she will then be able to donate for you.

This ensures you will have the best possible donor candidate to help you achieve your family building goals. Please feel free and ask our experts at any time if you would like to have further informations regarding the comprehensive egg donor screening process.

The Screening

The Contract

Whenever intended parents opt for an open or known donation, a legal agreement is drafted between the two parties; the intended parent(s) and the egg donor. In this contract the terms and conditions of future contact by the parents or the child are specified.

There is also a special provision for the parents whereby the donor is relinquishing from any parental rights on the resulting child. In the case of anonymous donations, this contract is generally not necessary since the egg donors already relinquish from their right in a contract between themselves and the practice. However, at AFS we encourage anonymous donations to also have a contract. These contracts are drafted by attorneys who specialize in Reproduction Law.

American Fertility Services will guide you through this legal process we are also proud to work with attorneys in Reproduction Law who can answer questions and draft contracts for you. Please ask our egg donor expert.

Cycle Preparation

All egg donors are placed on birth control pills to synchronize their menstrual cycle in preparation for their donor cycle.

For those egg donors using a IUD for contraception the IUD does not have to be removed in order to donate.

Cycle Preparation

Cycle Follow-Up

Typically your egg donor will be on daily injectable fertility drugs which will allow her to produce multiple eggs. She will be monitored with an ultrasound and blood work during this time to confirm her response to medications.

In general it takes approximately 10-13 days of medications before your donor is ready for the eggs retrieval.

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval is a minor surgical procedure done under conscious sedation. The eggs are retrieval under ultrasound guidance.

The Retrieval

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