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At AFS we understand that trying to build a family is a very exciting time in the lives of our intended parents but we also recognize it can be an emotionally challenging process as well. Our team of fertility doctors at AFS are world-renowned for their contributions and accomplishments in the field of reproductive medicine and are recognized as world-class physicians who have helped shape the field of reproductive medicine and third-party reproduction.


Experience & humanity

AFS physcians utilize advanced protocols and innovative techniques to maximize success rates. Our fertility doctors at AFS are commited to helping our intended parents reach their goal of becoming parents in the shortest time possible. The educational and professional backgrounds, extensive experience and commitment to research of our doctors will help you move closer to that goal.

AFS physicians have extensive awards, accreditations and are recognized for achievements in specialized areas of IVF, Egg Donation, Surrogacy and egg freezing. We believe in an individualized approach to family building.


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