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Florian Joos

International Journey Coordinator

Florian Joos, International Journey Coordinator

With a social studies background and being an intended parent himself, Florian has developed a wide assistant program from Germany to the scandinavian countries and beyond.

I love what I am doing.

This is the motto of Florian Joos who is the international journey coordonator in Europe for American Fertility Services. Helping, supporting and coordinating intended parents to their way to parenthood is Florian's mission.

Florian holds a Master in Social Work. So guiding, counselling and just be„a helping hand“ for the intended parents is his profession and also his passion. Due is own personal story, he stepped into the world of third party reproduction. Since then Florian has helped many international intended parents find their way to become parents, with understanding, helpful informations and swift communication. Florian lives in Europe and speaks German and English.

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International locations
American Fertility Services is very pleased to offer our intended parents, egg donors and surrogates a completely brand new facility featuring the latest generation equipment.


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