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Gay families psychosocial traits
Gay Parenting

Combining the personal experience with the social work experience of some of our staff members, we are fully aware of the psychosocial implications that may arise in your family model.

Many of the questions you may be asking yourself now most likely have already been discussed between AFS and the previous intended parents.

We aim to make everyone comfortable discussing any issues that may be concerning you.

Please ask!

Acceptance in the community is one of the most frequent concerns.

Gay parents often fear the reaction of their families and communities towards their family model.

But experience has shown us that this fear is usually worse than reality. In most cases, acceptance is not an issue and the family model may actually inspire curiosity and personal interest in many people from our social circle.

You will be relieved to know that most social studies show that children of gay parents are not in any way different from those with heterosexual parents, and sexuality is not influence by that of the parents (as you most probably know by your own personal experience).

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