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Having helped intended parents from many countries over four continents, your team at American Fertility Services is very proud of their extensive international experience. We have put a special focus on providing excellent service worldwide, and this is why we have structured our practice with multilingual support provided by our staff and physicians. In addition to English, our team is fluent in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Portuguese, German, Korean, and Italian. Please feel free to review the physicians’ profiles for more detailed information.

Surrogacy main concerns

Network of Legal Experts

Webinars and Seminars

Office: Barcelona

Partnering local clinics



Surrogacy main concerns

Typically all intended parents worry about the long distance, the foreign language, the cultural differences and the legal aspects both in the US and in their home countries.

Fortunately we have extensive international experience through working with prior Intended Parents such that we are able to advise you on your particular case.

You will be pleased to know that most issues can be easily addressed, as long as you follow the correct advice from the experts. American Fertility Services not only works with a network of Surrogacy Agencies and Attorneys in the USA, but also with legal experts from different countries to provide local support.

They also understand the particularities of each country and are able to give you the best advice.

We have one main objective, which is to help you fulfill your goal of having healthy children and bring them home with you. We work diligently to fulfill your family dreams no matter where you are coming from.


Network of Legal Experts


American Fertility Services proudly partners with a number legal professional with special expertise in the egg-donation and surrogacy processes in various countries such as Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, France, Taiwan, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, and more.

All you need to do is ask us and we will direct you to the right professional.



Webinars and Seminars

We are always organizing webinars (via internet) and seminars (with physical presence) in the relevant languages and in collaboration with local legal experts. Each year we visit many countries to bring our service close to you.

American Fertility Services is coming soon to a place near you.

Please keep checking our events schedule page since we are continuously updating it with new events.

International Office: Barcelona


We are pleased to announce that American Fertility Services has opened an international office located in central Barcelona.

We would be very pleased to have you visit our international office either personally, by videoconference, email or phone.

Please see below for more details

What better excuse to visit us there and talk with our experts while you visit the beautiful city of Barcelona?

Gran Via 630, 4ª planta
Tel. + 34 93 270 28 78


Partnering local clinics

In some cases it could be particularly helpful to start the medical process in the intended parents home country.

This would be the case for example if a female partner wanted to use her own eggs for an IVF treatment.

We have partnered with different clinics throughout the world to assist us in these initial stages of treatment By so so, we can shorten the length of time one would need to stay with us in the USA.

In other cases, male intended parents with difficulties arranging travel to the USA may prefer to have the sperm donation done at a location in their home countries to then ship the frozen sperm sample to us in the USA. This arrangement can also reduce the number of trips needed to complete the treatment.

Please ask us to find out if you could benefit from working with one of our international partner clinics.

Our main facility
100 Putnam Green, Greenwich, 06830, CT
Phone: (+1) 203 774-9900, Fax: (+1) 203 900-0660

International locations
American Fertility Services is very pleased to offer our intended parents, egg donors and surrogates a completely brand new facility featuring the latest generation equipment.


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