Shantai Rivera-Bonilla - Third Party Coordinator - American Fertility Services

Shantai Rivera-Bonilla

Third Party Coordinator

Shantai Rivera-Bonilla, A Professional With Experience in helping Intended Parents build thier families.

Shantai Rivera-Bonilla earned an Associate’s degree in Human Services and has her Medical Assistant credentials from Bridgeport Hospital’s School of Nursing. Shantai has 20+ years of direct experience in the fields of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine, helping countless patients be successful on their journey to parenthood. With her devout work ethic, Shantai has achieved extensive knowledge and understanding of third party reproductive medicine, psychological, and patient management. She is compassionate and is dedicated to establishing trusting patient relationships with clear channels of communication both domestically and internationally and is eager to continue her passion of assisting intended parents start or expand their family.

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