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Finding your Surrogate

Choosing your Gestational Surrogate

The ideal gestational carrier is relatively young, has previously carried a pregnancy without complications, does not smoke, drink alcohol, partake in risky sexual behavior, or diagnosed with any medical conditions that could jeopardize the health of the fetus.

Gestational carrier screening includes a complete medical history and physical exam will be performed by one of our AFS physicians as well as screening for infectious diseases. An evaluation of the gestational carrier’s uterus and psychological evaluation are also required.

Generally our intended parents work with a surrogacy agency which operate in every US State where surrogacy is legal and fully protected.

Here are some tips on important questions you should check when presented with a surrogate's profile:

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Practical questions for the agency:

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If you choose to work with a surrogate without an agency (independent) you should ALWAYS get specialized legal advice.

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