The timeline of Gestional Surrogacy: Fertility Treatments

Gestational Surrogacy Timeline

The Matching process

The matching process consists of the intended parent(s) working with a reputable agency that specializes in finding a gestational carrier (GC) that meets their requirements.

This dedicated agency will help match the best suitable candidate to the Intended Parent(s) with similar goals and expectations. The surrogacy agency will collaboratively manage the gestational carrier's treatment throughout the pregnancy until the baby is born.

Gestational Surrogate Screening

Gestational Carrier Screening Includes:

Complete obstetrical & gynecological records review by your AFS physician

Consultation with your AFS physician

Infectious Disease Blood work, Gestational Carrier and Partner

Physical Examination

Saline sonohysterogram uterine test

Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional

Once all pertinent records have been cleared and all testing results are approved, and legal clearance has been received , your designated coordinator will arrange your transfer cycle.

Gestational Surrogate Screening

The Surrogacy Contract

A legal agreement is drafted between the two or three parties. These parties could consist of intended parent(s), gestational carrier, or egg/sperm donor.

The contract is drafted by attorneys that specialize in Reproductive Law.

Starting the Gestational Carrier Cycle

Cycle Synchronization

The cycle of the gestational carrier and embryo transfer date are coordinated. It is possible for the embryo transfer to consist of “fresh or frozen” embryos. If “fresh embryos”, both the female intended parent or egg donor cycles are synchronized. This way the carrier’s uterus is prepared to receive the embryos at the appropriate time.

The Cycle Coordination.

This includes:

Ordering hormonal medications from a specialty pharmacy

In conjunction with the surrogacy agency locating an outside monitoring agency

Creating a cycle sheet in patient portal

Continuous notifications , medication updates via patient portal

Creating synch letter; including dates of monitoring appointments and medication start

Communicating with intended parents and surrogacy agency with all cycle details

Review and signature of American Fertility Services Consent forms

Starting the Gestational Carrier Cycle

Embryo Transfer

This is the process in which the intended parent (s)embryo (s) are placed into the uterus through the cervix under ultrasound guidance to achieve a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

12-14 days following embryo transfer a blood pregnancy test (HCG) is performed to confirm the pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Follow-up

The discharge to the OB-GYN:

American Fertility Services will manage the gestational carrier for roughly 8-10 weeks following their positive pregnancy test. Once it appears as if the pregnancy is developing well, the gestational carrier is transferred to the care of her obstetrician for further care until delivery. All medical records will be forwarded to named OB office.

Discharge to the Obstetrician

The designated OB-GYN will be taking care of the pregnancy from this moment onwards

Discharge to the Obstetrician

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