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Finding your surrogate

The process & where to start

American Fertility Gestational Surrogacy Guide for Intended Parents

Meet the AFS Reproduction Team

Before you embark on the gestational surrogacy process, you will have a consultation with the physician. This initial consultation is usually done in the office, phone, or video conference. We will review all of our pertinent medical records and schedule all necessary testings needed (including FDA testing) for your treatment.

Following your consultation, our Financial Director will arrange a call with you to discuss our financial programs.

Finding your surrogate

If you have not found a surrogacy agency to work with, we can refer you to a highly respected agency that meets your expectations and will assist in the process. Your assigned coordinator will work collaboratively with you and the agency to ensure all details and communication are appropriately managed.

Once your surrogate is identified, American Fertility Services will proceed with her medical testings and psychological screening (if not conducted by the agency).

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American Fertility Services is very pleased to offer our intended parents, egg donors and surrogates a completely brand new facility featuring the latest generation equipment.


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