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Surrogate FAQs

What are the requirements to be a Surrogate?

Between the ages of 21-43

Healthy BMI

Minimum of one pregnancy

US citizen


No illicit drug use

No history of major pregnancy/ childbirth complications

Willing to inject FDA approved hormone injections

No felony convictions

Be able to travel to appointments as needed

Must be able to take injections

History of normal Pap Smear

1Can I be a relative of the intended parent(s)?
Yes, as long as the above requirements are met and all medical screenings/testings are proven.
2Do I have to be married to be a gestational carrier?
No you do not have to be married. However, you will need to have a support system and stable lifestyle during your pregnancy.
3How long is the clinics medical screening process?
As long as all qualifications are met with the surrogacy agency, the clinics screening typically take about 4-8 weeks.
4Do I have to work with a surrogacy agency?
No, you may be a self-contracted gestational carrier. All required medical testings, screenings, requirements and legal arrangements remain.
5How many times do I have to travel to American Fertility Services?
You are required to travel to AFS approximately 2 times, one for medical screening and the other for your embryos transfer.
6How many days am I required to stay in the vicinity of AFS for the transfer?
You are required to stay close to AFS for approximately 3-4 days.

What does the clinic’s (AFS) medical screening entail?

Complete obstetrical & gynecological records review by Medical Doctor

Consultation with the Medical Doctor

Infectious Disease Blood Work & Drug Screening, Gestational Carrier and Partner

Physical Examination performed by Medical Doctor

Saline sonohysterogram uterine test

Psychological Screening with a Mental Health Professional

1How long will I have to take and or inject hormones?
Medication protocols vary for each gestational carrier. Typical length of hormone medications ranges from 4 – 12 weeks. Hormones are used to developed your uterine lining and additional medications are used to support the pregnancy.
2How often do I have to have bloodwork and ultrasounds?
During the time you are on hormonal medications you will be required monitor for blood work and an ultrasound once a week until cleared for discharge from American Fertility Services to your Obstetrician.
3How long after the transfer will I know that I am pregnant?
After your embryo transfer, confirmation of pregnancy takes place 14 days later via blood work. At this point you are considered 4 weeks pregnant.
4At what point am I discharged to my Obstetrician?
As long as all your blood work and ultrasound results meet the discharge standards, you will be weaned off of your hormone medications and discharged to your OB doctor at 10-12 weeks pregnant.

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