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Fertility preservation

Nothing is faster than the speed of life

Careers, relationships, your health, and so much more...It's undestandable that starting a family just isn't part of your plan right now, but you may also be concerned about your fertility potential if you wait too long. Egg freezing can increase the opportunity for young women who want to delay childbearing to have a healthy pregnancy later in life.

Female fertility preservation options include egg and embryo freezing and males can also choose to freeze their sperm.

It’s well known that fertility declines with age. A woman will have all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime, between 1- 2 million. But by the time she’s in her early 30’s her pool of eggs or ovarian reserve has decreased substantially to less than half that. Another challenge for women is one of egg quality: by the time a women is in her late 30’s, more than 50% of her eggs will be of low-quality due to genetic imbalances or other issues related to her age. By freezing eggs at the youngest age possible, women are likely to have more fertility options and have a higher chance of success when it comes time to use those frozen eggs.

Egg freezing offers women a safe and potentially effective way to preserve eggs at your current age in order to help maximize chances of maintaining your fertility in the future. Whether by choice or due to a cancer diagnosis, speak to our fertility preservation specialists at AFS today about your fertility preservation options.


Fertility and Cancer

Unfortunately, many cancer treatments can impair fertility in women. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other interventions can significantly damage ovarian function, making fertility preservation critical for patients who may want to have a family in the future. For patients dealing with an new cancer diagnosis, speaking with a fertility specialist quickly and cryopreserving eggs or embryos for future use if deemed appropriate may be helpful.


Usually cancer patients can be seen by a fertility specialist and their case expedited so both a fertility preservation cycle and subsequent cancer treatment can be completed in a timely manner. If you are planning to undergo egg freezing for cancer treatment-related loss of fertility, it’s important to coordinate care with your oncologist and your fertility expert.

In some cases, your cancer treatment may need to be prioritized over fertility preservation.

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